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Witchcraft, Whirlwinds, and Late Summer Wilds

This really is my favorite time of year. The peaceful growth of the past few months once again gives way to all things fall. Our first Basic Bitchcraft class is under our belts, and it is now time for the remainder of canning, and freezing and readying garden beds to be set to rest. Fall shows are also in the flow, and it is time to create spells to sell, and my love and I are finishing off Witches Runes and Closet Witch Kits (and of course some more surprise bags, spell jar kits and tea rituals!)

This year brings us warmth long into September, with at least another week. It is easy to say we are blessed. I the green in the garden is still hanging on and I was blessed with a few more gladiolus flowers to brighten my days!

Mabon is also fast approaching, our second harvest festival. The abundance is so easy to feel. Colored leaves all around, and pumpkins turning in the garden. What are you doing for Mabon?

As I sit and sip my tea, I reflect on what has come in the past few months. The chaos, and the contentment. The magic and the mystery.

I would also like to invite you to come visit me at one of the Witch Experience shows as I will not only be doing readings, but speaking in our VIP area on an Introduction to Divination & What it Means to Me.

Blessed be, you beautiful souls!



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