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Image by Joanna Kosinska

Healing Packages

Looking for more than just one type of healing in a session? Look no further! Our Healing Packages are designed with you in mind. 

Combing aspects of Energy Healing and Divination, you are sure to leave with mental clarity and complete relaxation. Explore our options by clicking below!


Sanity - Combination Therapy (In-Person) 


What if I said, all I need for you to do is give me one hour of your time? We get to talk, sip tea, cleanse away all of the energetic attachments that daily stress can bring and leave you with a sense of peace. You get to walk out my door and feel ready to face the world!

- 1 hour of time, in my beautiful relaxing space

- Aura Cleanse 

- Tea Leaf Reading

- Mini Reiki Session

Clarity - Combination Therapy (In-Person or Distance) 


Welcome Clarity!

Sometimes we just need to clear our head, and be ready to allow the messages flow!

- 1 hour of time, in my beautiful relaxing space

- Oracle Guidance Reading

- Mini Reiki Session

- Auric Realignment

Relax - Combination Therapy (In-Person) 


Ohmmmmmm...Ohmmmmmm... We all need some Zen time! So why not book yourself some time to RELAX!?!

- 2 hours of time, in my beautiful relaxing space

- Personal Guided Meditation

- Reiki Session

- Auric Cleanse &  Realignment

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