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Ready to Unleash Your Inner Witch?

Empowered Souls offers a unique witchcraft education experience, teaching the Art of Bitchcraft at all levels. Join us for classes, workshops, and online classes to tap into your magical potential.

I also offer personal 1 on 1 classes to those who need a bit more anonymity or just need a different time frame than our regular classes. This will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of Witchcraft on your own schedule, allowing you to explore and expand your knowledge at your own pace. Get ready to learn the secrets of Witchcraft.

The Art of Bitchcraft  Basic Bitchcraft Witchcraft Education Classes Workshops

In-Person & Online Classes

Shari Poitras Lady Lexana Empowered Souls

My Story

I am Shari. I am mother, partner, chemist, medium, and eternal "soul empowerer".  I am a healer. My passion for doing this is through building relationships and bringing the tools to others, to help them be their absolute best self. ​


I happily call myself a witch. And no, I don't mean the old hag with a black hat that lives in the forest (although there are days I would be very happy there), but more so the misunderstood, slightly ADHD lady who loves all things healing, plant, animal, goth, with strong a desire to cram as much knowledge into my little brain as possible. My goal? To share this knowledge through  divine empowerment, Reiki/Energy Healing and all forms of witchcraft education.


​And yes, I read Tarot, Tea Leaves, Palms, and look back into your soul and past lives through Karmic Astrology.


The Bitchcraft Academy has been in creation for the past two years, bringing Witchcraft Education to Baby Brooms and those who wish to hone their craft, as an in-person offering and now I expand it to bring it to you! Online classes are currently available along with in-person hands on workshops, with more online content coming soon. I am so excited to have you on this continuing journey with me! ​

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