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Spiritual Coaching
& Programs

What’s my life’s purpose? Why do I continue to find myself in jobs I don’t like? Why do all of my relationships leave me feeling unappreciated, misunderstood or alone? Why does it seem like I’m always taking two steps forward and three back?

The world of Spirit is all around us. It merely exists beyond what we consider our normal means of sensory perception. Mediumship is the extension beyond those means allowing for communication between the spiritual and physical worlds. As a medium, I  serve as an instrument, a bridge, between the two worlds. It is as this bridge that I connect you with your Spirit team to receive and pass along messages of love and healing.

Card Reading

Energy Healing

Energy healing is a general term describing any form of healing that focuses on the energetic centers of the body to rebalance or realign the flow of energy. We are energetic beings. As such, similar to our physical anatomy (the body), we have an energetic anatomy (the aura). When disturbances in our energetic body occur, it can be expressed in our physical body.


Looking for more than just one type of healing in a session? Look no further!

Our Healing Packages are designed with you in mind. 

Combing aspects of Energy Healing and Divination, you are sure to leave with mental clarity and complete relaxation. Explore our options by clicking below!

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Healing Packages

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