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Energy Healing

Energy healing is a general term describing any form of healing that focuses on the energetic centers of the body to rebalance or realign the flow of energy. We are energetic beings. As such, similar to our physical anatomy (the body), we have an energetic anatomy (the aura). When disturbances in our energetic body occur, it can be expressed in our physical body. Energy healings are meant to correct these disturbances and promote good health by improving energy flow. This free flow of energy is essential to health and well-being.

Energy Healing Services:

Witchy Healing Hands Energy Healing (In-Person


A combination of Shamanistic Energy Healing, RoHE/Usui Reiki, Theta Healing® and guidance from Spirit.  Healing Hands is a type of therapeutic touch using energy to gently heal and realign the aura of an animal, plant, place or person. The basics of this type of healing is similar to traditional Usui Reiki but rooted in the essential essences of the earth, its elements and her spirits.

Healing Hands is a type of energy healing using the energetic (or bio-electric) field of the practitioner, or aura, to smooth out congestion in the aura of the client which sends a bio-feedback message to the body promoting self-healing. This in conjunction with chakra clearing and re-alignment, and therapeutic touch will create a unique and serene experience.

This type of energetic healing is a quiet, calm method of energy movement which promotes healing, helps with relaxation, and can give pain relief. It can also work on the emotional level assisting with anxiety and other mental health issues.​ 


Intention setting included in each session is aligned with the seasons and the moon, crystals, aromatherapy (for those ok with scents), dowsing rods, use of a pendulum, and sound tuning is just part of this practice. Anyone can partake in this energy work regardless of their spiritual beliefs as it is non-denominational and it said to awaken the core of your soul.

ROHE Reiki Energy Healing (In-Person or Distance) 


Experience the powerful healing energy of Reiki with our expert practitioners. We specialize in energy clearing to help you feel rejuvenated and revitalized. Let us help you remove any blockages and restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit.

What is ROHE Reiki? Realms of Heaven & Earth (ROHE) Reiki is a fusion of the traditional with new modalities to create an evolution of Reiki energy healing like no other.


When Kiernan Garvie of Ki'smet Co. and I created ROHE Reiki, we did it out of a strong need to create a less traditional more "all-inclusive" style for those who did not resonate with the use of traditional symbols or the angelic realm. Instead, we decided to bring in modalities and ideologies such as pagan pantheons, esoteric practices, the pure sciences, quantum physics and entanglement to add depth to mix of current practices, and of course how all of these tie together on all levels! Basically we have brought in elements from the depths of of our Earth below to the Heavens above and far beyond.


The session will occur in-person and takes approximately 60 minutes, and can be done In-Person or via Zoom/Distantly. For Distance sessions, it is not required for you to be present physically, as I will be linking with you energetically as we take you on your healing journey. 

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