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Custom Spellcrafting

The world of Spirit is all around us. It merely exists beyond what we consider our normal means of sensory perception. Mediumship is the extension beyond those means allowing for communication between the spiritual and physical worlds. As a medium, I, along with my tools, serve as instruments, a bridge so to speak, between worlds. It is as this bridge that I connect you with your Spirit team to receive and pass along messages of love and healing.

Custom Spellcrafting and Witchcraft Services 

Image by Elena Mozhvilo

Custom Spells

Wanting to cast that perfect spell, but don't know where to start? Need help manifesting that new job or boosting your love life? For my custom spell work sessions we sit down with all the tools to make your desires come to fruition in a safe, supervised environment. All spells and rituals are customized specifically for you, and your needs. Prices start at $60 plus costs of materials. Prior to your session we will talk to set up intent and needs, and then come together in my personal space to cast the spell. Examples of available magic include spell jars, candle spells, money bowls, love enhancers, protection spells.


These sessions can be held In-Person or via Zoom/Distantly. Message for a full cost quotation.

House Cleansing & Witches Blessing

These sessions are meant to cleanse your environment of unwanted energies, as well as teach you how to go forth yourself with any additional cleansing. Prices start at $100/hour plus costs of any involved materials. Travel outside Saskatoon city limits may be subject to an additional mileage fee. Prior to your session we will talk to set up a consultation to target your specific needs, and set you up with a full quotation.


Message for full details.

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