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What Do You Need to Begin Your Journey into the Craft?

One word...YOU!

Since I don't want this to be the shortest blog on record, let me do a little elaboration.

For those who have already joined me for in person and online classes, they know I like to keep things simple. Along with a brief history of Witchcraft, the comparison to Wicca and other pagan practices/religions, one of the first topics we cover is "tools of the trade" so to speak. In other words, what to you really need to have in order to practice.

We go over all of the basics including how to set up traditional altars and the ceremonial tools that go with it. And of course all of the elements, and alchemy to go with it. Witchcraft and Wicca has so many beautiful ceremonies to go with all of our Sabbats and Esbats that I won't even try to list them all here. In doing these rituals we often feel as if we need fancy and often very expensive tools. I encourage my students to use what is around them, and what is either easily obtained by nature, or in your local dollar or thrift store. For many years, as my budget was very tight I used a old plastic handled steak knife decorated and wrapped with ribbon, as my ceremonial athame, as I could not afford anything close to the one I have saved up for and use today. Did the quality of my spellwork change with the upgrade in tool? Not a bit. That came only with careful practice and honing my skillsets.

The best magical tool I can recommend? Your hand! Your index finger is your wand, and your athame. Your palm is your creator of those beautiful balls of energy needed to get your magic all fired up. Add in little water, salt and a candle and POOF! Magic is on its way. The only other thing you really need is a heart with pure intention. And maybe a string or two of rhyme in which to all things together.

You really are the best tool, the instigator of the magic you create, and the origin of all of your intention. As long as you learn to use yourself, and any other tool safely, your magic can know no limits. Any other tool is just a little more power you may feel you want. The choice is always yours.

Blessed be.



Shari (Lady Lexana) is a eclectic hereditary witch, chemist, ROHE Reiki Master, and traditional healer born and raised in beautiful Saskatchewan, Canada. She is the creator of the Bitchcraft Academy and co-creator of ROHE (Realms of Heaven & Earth) Reiki fusion.

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