You Don't Have to be Perfect, You Just Have to be YOU!

Today I decided to do an inner monologue. As I look in the mirror all I can see is flaws. I look at my skin that feels so dry because of the weather, I wondered when the last time was that I did my eyebrows. And then I think, well at least my hair is done. As I looked around my house all I can see is dirt in the corners and dust on the shelves. Dishes not done for a few days now. And as I try to find the motivation to get all of these things done, it just isn't there. I guess it's okay to be human to have down days that you just don't want or feel like doing anything or being productive, or even being a part of society. Just wanting to ignore everything and curl up in bed and do nothing. But if I do that I get lost in my thoughts. And that's not always good either as when I'm down, my thoughts are in the same place. I think to myself, how am I able to help others get out of the same place those down days those ones where you just don't know what to do with yourself. But then I realize I'm not one of those pretty people that seems to have their entire life perfectly together. I am just me. I want that to be something that others understand too. You don't have to have your life completely together. You don't have to look or even feel pretty everyday. It's okay to have the lows, as if we didn't, how would we ever appreciate the days when everything is going good and you're happy and you feel beautiful. Today I remind myself it is okay to be human. And share that with others, so that you, yes you, know it's okay to have one of those down days too.

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