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Witchcraft and Your Personal Empowerment

I have often been asked which section of my Basic Bitchcraft curriculum do I enjoy teaching the most. Really that is a hard one, as if you have met me, I LOVE my divination, and can go down a rabbit hole of passion on just about any topic. But my favorite still has to be Glamours.

Although it initially seems like a minor topic, its underlying influence is so important to all aspects of the Witchcraft practice. Why? Your own personal confidence, or empowerment, is the key to successful spells, harnessing your intuition and really all practices, is the backbone to your witchy growth.

Thanks to a lot of movies and tv, we often think of witches in one of two ways, the old hag in the woods, or that beautiful woman who uses her feminine magic to entice other into doing her bidding. My favorite example of of this persona as a duality is none other than the Wicked Queen/Old Witch from Snow White. She embodies the need we have to often become who are are not in order to achieve our goals, or even just "fake it 'til you make it". Unfortunately, the Queen's vanity got the best of her and led to her ultimate demise.

In today's world, glamours often encompass things like learning to dress and apply make-up to add to our confidence. It is also learning to accessorize to protect and add to our beauty in the form of precious jewels. on a more intimate level, glamours can be our daily mantra to boost our mood, and set the tone for our day. They are our beauty and confidence routines. It is how we empower our soul.

There are also the downsides to glamours. These aspects can be what some call destructive. Putting on so many glamours or such a dark mask, that often we cannot descern the truth from lies, our person from the persona we show the world.

In our Glamours class, we take a deep look at what these differences are and how they can effect the human psyche. The good, the bad, and the ugly. And how to empower yourself in a healthy manner. We learn to be our best self, and the tools to help us get there.

Remember, you are a beautiful soul, in a beautiful shell that we are privileged enough to be able to make our own, Now, let us make it the best we can. Show the world ALL OF YOUR POWER!!!

Blessed be! And let your light shine!


Shari (Lady Lexana) is a eclectic hereditary witch, chemist, ROHE Reiki Master, and traditional healer born and raised in beautiful Saskatchewan, Canada. She is the creator of the Bitchcraft Academy and co-creator of ROHE (Realms of Heaven & Earth) Reiki fusion.

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