What Seeds are You Planting?

Welcome, beautiful souls, to an amazing new trip around the sun!

As with all "new year's resolutions" I have chosen to resolve to do better. To be a better me. I will not compare myself to another, only to who I was yesterday.

On a global scale, we have had a couple crappy years. But in the midst of a pandemic, and a ton of natural disasters, i have taken solace in the silver linings. I have chosen to take the time to learn who I am, and what I want away from that which society says I should be.

This journey continues today, and tomorrow and every day after that. I choose to face my past, learn from it, and find ways to grow. This is a choice all of us can make daily. Sure we may have setbacks. But when we choose to move forward, in a healthy manner, everyone around us benefits from our growth too! Plant the seeds of tomorrow. Nurture them and flourish!

This year I continue to choose me.

Who are you choosing?

Blessed Be. 🥰

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