What IS RoHE Reiki?

To start out my series of blogs on education and healing, we are first going to start with Reiki.

So, many people hear the words Reiki healing, and at the very least are skeptic. But in order to understand what Reiki does and how it works with your body and psyche, one must first ensure that a few principles in physics are acknowledged first.

It is common proven knowledge in physics (thank you Albert Einstein and all of your fellow scientists on this topic) that energy in our universe is constant. It cannot be created, or destroyed, but only changing in form. So why is this important? Well, our bodies are made up of energy. From our cellular level, to changing food that we eat into nutrients that feed our muscles and thus provide us with our energy. But in order for us to have the energy it must come from somewhere. Thus anything that we eat, or most anything anyway, either is or gets its own energy from plants. This comes from the sun, the water, and the nutrients in the soil. It really is a circle of life.

The principal behind Reiki is the movement of energy from the Earth and that which is around us, and to help facilitate it's flow to the areas of the body that need it.

So then what is this RoHE (Realms of Heaven and Earth) Reiki? This is Reiki evolved. It is the acknowledgment that through proper guidance and understanding how energy works all the way down into our DNA level, we can bring your treatment combined with other modalities, to a whole new level. This Reiki is yes less traditional but no less effective. (Ok, I may be biased in saying it is way better! 🤣)

So when you are interested in learning more, why not come in for a session? Or better take the plunge and come join our level one class and learn to be a Reiki practitioner yourself.


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