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What is Bitchcraft?

According to Urban Dictionary, Bitchcraft is defined as the following:

1. When crafty women get together to create functional art without the interference of man's hungers. There is no crying at Bitchcraft. If you are bringing cupcakes, bring a dozen not five.

Me: hey girl? You coming to Bitchcraft tonight? Fellow bitch: I'll be there and I'm bringing my hot glue and a box of wine.

2. The art of pissing someone off by using the truth.

Definitely sounds like the modern witch to me! And thanks to stores such as Spencers and Spirit Halloween, we find a plethora of new age-y tools and reference books for the modern witche to draw knowledge from.

I first encountered the term Bitchcraft on a mug created by Saskatoon's own Erixon Custom Designs. I knew then and there it was the perfect word to incorporate into the title of my upcoming witchcraft education classes, Thus, Basic Bitchcraft was born.

My initial goal, in creating Basic Bitchcraft, was to bring modern witchcraft, along with elements of Wiccan and other Pagan paths, to those who were interested in an in-person class. Two years later, after many materials revisions, and now the addition of advanced magic called Bitchcraft Revisited, as well as new online classes, the Bitchcraft Academy has been born.

As with any other labor of love, this will be a work in progress, always growing, always changing. But my promise to you is that I will always be looking for trusted information and new techniques to add to your personal witchcraft path, however it may be.

Blessed be, my beautiful souls!



Shari (Lady Lexana) is a eclectic hereditary witch, chemist, ROHE Reiki Master, and traditional healer born and raised in beautiful Saskatchewan, Canada. She is the creator of the Bitchcraft Academy and co-creator of ROHE (Realms of Heaven & Earth) Reiki fusion.

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