Welcome Aunt Flo

Today was just one of those days. It seems like no other upon waking. I took my time to become aware of my surroundings, and slowly start to get out of bed. Then all of a sudden I stand up and "gush". Good morning to the war zone inside my body.

Now it isn't like I wasn't aware that my period was to be starting. I mean I track my cycles, and I'm usually fairly in tune with my body is telling me. It is just the way it happened. One of those days where I wasn't so lucky, with those nice little warning drips. But with the abrupt arrival of Aunt Flo.

I am sure I am not the only person who has this happen. And I am not talking menstruation. I am talking the abrupt announcing of menstruation. And I guess this is why, amongst a few other reasons, we need to normalize this portion of our cycle. Along with all of the inconveniences that we pose on society, and all the people around us. (Insert sarcastic comments here.)

In today's society I feel a woman menstruating has been set aside and essentially shunned. Our body is in a state of shut down, providing us with pain often equivalent to childbirth, and not just for a few hours, but often for a few days. Not to mention the constant flow of blood, other tissues and fluids coming from our nether regions. Throw in the potential for extreme hormonal mood swings, and the need to relieve pain in one form or another, and we can become a complete mess.

The fact is that nobody wants to talk about it. We are still expected to show up to work, stand up straight and tall and put on a good face, not be stoned from the amount of drugs we are taking, oh yeah, and not bleed all over the floor. Without criticizing the male gender, as there are some damn amazing men who support their women during this time of month, I don't think that many men would be functioning at 100% during these kind of conditions either. But yet we as women, are still expected to.

The lack of support isn't just limited to our workplace. It is bad enough when we are scrutinized for taking a sick day for "cramps", but in order to not mess our clothing, or free bleed all over the floor, we must pad, stuff and essentially use post-surgical anti bleeding methods to maintain a clean and sanitary place of work or functioning. We are not supported by being given any of these products for free, even though we don't have a choice as to whether this happens to our body 12 tes a year for approximately 30 to 40 years of our life. Good lord, even toilet paper that we often have to wad up in our coochie in order to slow the flow is not freely available to us, unless we use a public restroom. And that toilet paper... No bloody thank you!

So with all is this, we as a society wonder why our daughters are so ashamed of how they function in life, in society. That when they finally start to come out of their shell and blossom into teenagehood, they are hit with the curse. They are laughed at, and often highly ridiculed by those who don't understand. Our daughters, and their daughters, and all future generations of daughters deserve better.

To learn more about honoring your body, it's cycles, and how to make the best out of living in a society which does not want to understand this portion of our female being, please come check out my Thursday evening series in August called Rewild! Here we will talk about these things and much much more. For more information click the link above, and let us, as a collective, start honoring ourselves as we should. We are goddesses!

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