Spoon Theory and Your Health

Spoon Theory may be a helpful way to describe things when you are feeling off in your daily life. It has been a very helpful analogy for those of us with mental illness, or chronic pain. It is especially helpful for those of us who have a hard time saying "no" and often over consume our daily allotment.

For example, navigating where you put your energy could help you identify where you’re really struggling. If you’re not sleeping well, are you automatically waking up in the morning with less spoons that day? If you’re having difficulty with eating, are you now limiting your spoons by not nourishing your body with energy? If you are feeling socially drained, are you giving too many spoons to others and not keeping enough for yourself? The answer to all of these is most often YES!!!

It is important to strive for balance with your spoons, as too much energy going toward being social, managing family, or dating may drain your spoons for other aspects of your life like work and school that are suffering as a result. Add in that unexpected event, and boom...the drawer is totally empty!

Spoon Theory, just as it was discovered, can also be a useful metaphor to describe what you’re dealing with to friends and family. They may not understand how drained you really are by what they find to be just your typical daily task. Thus, being able to grab a handful of teaspoons from the kitchen drawer is always a fun way to demonstrate this. Feel free to explain to others how many spoons you feel like you have, and how you are using them. If you feel that your spoons are limited, remember to track your energy and seek out professional help if it lasts more than a month. While you may currently be fortunate to have unlimited spoons, be mindful of where you’re putting them, it could end up costing you more than you expect!

Love & Light, Shari

P.S. It is also ok to say "Fork It!" once in a while.

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