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Witchy Wares By Shari

Welcome to all the How To's of Your Witchy Wares by Shari!

Here you will find instructions/suggestions for use, along with some general Q&A about your new ES Witchy Ware product!

Ritual Candles

The purpose of burning candles for ritual is to help you focus your intentions. This means that the outcome is derived by your intentions and the energy put into the candle rather than the candle itself.  The candle in itself is not doing anything, your mind and spirit is energizing the candle.   The candle is your conduit and mind focusing tool.

To use your ES Witchy Wares candle, choose a candle to suit your purpose. Write your desires on a bay leaf or piece of paper, and place under your candle. Then as you light your ritual candle, focus and even better, meditate, on the desire, and how you want it to manifest. These candles are meant to be used multiple times or for multiple days in a row for more complex spell work.

All candles have been created with love and light are reiki infused for maximum effectiveness. 

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Fairy Wands

A magic wand which is properly crafted and enchanted creates a powerful energy focusing tool. When a wand has energy channeled into it the wand will focus the energy into a beam that comes out of its tip.

Once you decide on which ES Fairy Wand has called to you, you may want to identify it's energy use. One method is to meditate over the wand and ask, “What is the energy of my wand?”  You can ask some follow-up questions such as: “What kind of spells are best suited for this wand?” or “What are the strengths/weaknesses of this wand.” Remember, it’s possible that the energy of your wand may change over time, and it is ok to check in with your wand as many times as necessary if you sense a shift in energy.

Each ES Fairy Wand is crafted with love and a specific area of use, ready for you to cleanse, and consecrate for the most powerful focus of intention and magic.

Ritual Tea Sets & Teas

“Drinking tea” is only a part of the practice. The ritual starts with mindful preparation and ends with a graceful recognition of positive energy. The following method was inspired by the Chinese Tea Ceremony. Not only do I read the leaves, but I am trained to offer the ceremony, and I feel tremendous benefits when I offer this ritual that has lasted centuries. Here is a mini ritual for you to follow after choosing your ES Ritual Tea or Set.

  • “See” the cup and carefully set it down on the table or counter.

  • “See” the tea as you add it to your infuser. 

  • Pour the water into the cup slowly and carefully.

  • Notice the fragrance that comes up with the steam, tingling your nostrils. (Be careful to not steep your tea too long or it may become bitter and less effective)

  • Close your eyes and notice that your mind is getting clear and lighter.

  • Take a sip and feel the warmth.

  • As you take a sip, do three things:

    • Reflect on the good things you have done today.

    • Find what you are grateful for and express your gratitude.

    • Breathe deeply and slowly between the sips.

  • Notice new energy filling your mind with each moment.

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